Andre Iguodala Got a Technical For Making Fun of Mike Conley's Travel

Stephen Douglas
Mike Conley travels against Golden State (12-16-14)
Mike Conley travels against Golden State (12-16-14) / mike sham

The two best teams in the NBA met last night in Memphis when the 21-2 Warriors visited the 19-4 Grizzlies. Memphis held on, 105-98, after taking control of the game with a 20-0 run in the 2nd quarter. Late in the 4th, Mike Conley of Memphis drove to the basket and took an extra step before making a layup. The travel, like most travels in the NBA, was not called.

The Warriors were beside themselves. Andre Iguodala did this.

This sarcastic travel earned him a technical foul. Jeff Van Gudy, ever the defender of good fun, didn’t think Iggy deserved a technical and the Warriors agreed. Iguodala is already preparing himself for a fine.

When most athletes talk about an expensive ass dance, it usually takes place at a gentleman’s club.

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