Andre Drummond's Diet Requires One Beer Per Day

Liam McKeone

Andre Drummond is truly living the dream, and has the diet to match. When diets and professional athletes are discussed in tandem, it usually concerns dietary restrictions. This concerns dietary requirements.

In an interview with Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, Drummond discussed the ins and outs of his diet, an always-fascinating topics for us normal people who don’t need to be in the best shape of our lives to do our jobs. The former All-Star said he recently eliminated red meats from his diet, which now consists mainly of fish and vegetables. For those keeping track at home, this pescatarian diet can leave one short of calories, especially when one is seven feet tall and burns said calories in large quantities for a living.

What does Drummond do to make up for this calorie deficiency?  One beer a day.

Truly a life of luxury when prepping for your job involves downing an ice-cold Miller Lite. I will say that particular beer is an interesting choice; if I were a multi-millionaire good for a beer a day, I’d be doing some widespread research about the most efficient intersection of taste and calorie count.

But I am not, and Drummond seems more than happy with his beer-a-day. Let’s see if imbibing a good old-fashioned American brew every day for several months will boost his game in any manner next year.