Anderson Varejao Won't Accept Cavaliers Championship Ring That Was Never Offered

Stephen Douglas

Anderson Varejao was a fun trivia debate during the NBA Finals. Varejao started the season with the Cavaliers and ended the season with the Warriors, becoming the first person to ever play for both Finals teams in the same season. Many people wrongly believed that he was guaranteed a championship ring no matter who won the Finals. reported last week that the Cavs weren’t going to offer him a ring unless he asked. Well, Varejao never asked so they never offered. As if that wasn’t clear enough, Varejao has now decided he’s not going to accept it so don’t even bother.

This is a real power move. He looks good in front of his teammates without giving the Cavs a chance to either snub him or pity him. The question is, will Dan Gilbert now respond? He seems like the kind of guy who would say he was never going to offer him a ring in the first place. Maybe now he’ll have a bunch of extra rings made and send one to Varejao every week.

They could be waiting on his hotel pillow whenever the Warriors go on the road. They could be baked into Varejao’s favorite pies. When he flops, an opposing player could put one in the palm of his hand and offer to help him up.The possibilities are endless. Forcing a Cavaliers championship ring on one of the Warriors could be the subplot that keeps their superteam from ever really focusing and coming together to win their own.