Anderson Silva Knocked Out Tito Ortiz in Hilarious Fashion

Stephen Douglas
Evander Holyfield v Vitor Belfort - Press Conference
Evander Holyfield v Vitor Belfort - Press Conference / Eric Espada/Getty Images

Anderson Silva knocked out Tito Ortiz in the first round of their professional boxing match on Saturday night. The matchup between the two former UFC champions went down about the same way most people expected as Ortiz threw some punches and most of them missed while Silva ducked and dodged. Then Silva caught him with a couple shots and Ortiz went straight to the canvas.

This was Ortiz's professional boxing debut and it only lasted slightly longer than his time as Mayor of his hometown of Huntington Beach, California.

UPDATE: This angle shows Tito was out on his feet from one punch and held up by the rope.