An Actual, Honest-to-Goodness Detroit Tigers Highlight Emerges

Detroit Tigers Summer Workouts
Detroit Tigers Summer Workouts / Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

It wasn't all that long ago that the odds of getting a single Detroit Tigers highlight to briefly enjoy in 2020 seemed a distant dream. But Major League Baseball's commitment to driving into a hurricane and playing this year is putting players on the field. Currently for intrasquad games and for the real thing in, wow, just a few days now.

We can either consider the morality of pouring so many precious public resources into a trivial endeavor or sit back and enjoy some Web Gems. And for one time in my life, I'm going to opt for the second option.

Because this Riley Greene play was sick.

The Tigers will assuredly be below .500 this year. And probably next. But Greene is 19! He's part of a bright future. Let me have this. Let me have something.