Americans Will Consume 50 Million Cases of Beer Next Sunday and 94.1% of it Will be Terrible

By Tim Ryan

Each and every year during the two week gap leading up to the Super Bowl, we often see ridiculous stats along the lines of “75 million pepperoni pizzas will be eaten” and other whimsical numbers that serve as a stark reminder of just how fat America truly is. But in addition to the standard and expected fatness, it should also be noted that an overwhelming majority of this country’s population happens to favor awful beer.

Take a look at the handy graphic at right. Of the 50 million cases of beer that will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, 94.1% of it will either be Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, Miller Lite, or Natural Light.

Impressively unimpressive. Stay tasteless, my friends.

[via Save On Brew]