Here's Amanda Gorman's Super Bowl Poem

Amanda Gorman.
Amanda Gorman. / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Amanda Gorman introduced herself to the nation with her riveting poem read during the inauguration of President Joe Biden. In front of a larger audience before the Super Bowl, Gorman again reminded all of us how special she is.

As the Chiefs' and Bucs' captains walked out onto the field ahead of the coin flip for Super Bowl LV, Gorman read an emotional poem celebrating citizens whose selflessness helping others serves as an inspiration to so many.

"We celebrate them by acting with courage and compassion by doing what is right and just. For while we honor them today it is they who everyday honor us."

It's not only the substance of what Gorman says, it's her delivery that sets it apart. Raw, emotional and honest, Gorman's presentation was spectacular for the second time in just a few weeks.