'Always Late with Katie Nolan' Got Some Incredible and Incredibly Random Celebrity Zoom Guests

Stephen Douglas

Always Late with Katie Nolan is one of the many shows trying to figure out how to produce content remotely right now. As Nolan's show proved last night, sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer. Earlier this week, she gave her guests Mina Kimes, Mike Golic Jr., Amin Elhassan, Pablo Torre and Mike Ryan a simple task: get the most famous person possible to join the Zoom chat.

Everyone being an ESPN personality with a television presence, it makes sense that they were able to deliver, but the sheer random variety of people they were able to get in an eight-minute timespan was fun to see. It started off predictable enough with sports talk personalities like Dianna Russini and Nick Wright joining, but then, well, just watch. Seeing the reveals and reactions is excellent content. I'll recap below.

They set the bar pretty high with the first non-sports cameo being Jaleel White, but the rest were still pretty good. Bob Ley showing up with a tropical background was a definite highlight. Competitive eater Joey Chestnut, Olympians Maia and Alex Shibutani and both hosts of NFL RedZone, Scott Hanson and Andrew Siciliano rolled in. The only thing that could top all of that was probably a shirtless, oblivious Clayton Kershaw. Or a mustachioed Mark Sanchez in a hat. Or Kendrick Perkins being every parent in America, hiding on the Internet in a bedroom complaining about his kids.

This is basically what Saturday Night Live is going to be this weekend, but with Alec Baldwin doing Trump. Always Late definitely wins this round.