Alvina Kamara Calls 17-Game NFL Season Dumb as Hell

Alvin Kamara during the NFC Playoffs.
Alvin Kamara during the NFC Playoffs. / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The NFL's 17 week schedule is expected to be announced this week. It is the worst fear of many players who did not like the new CBA, which gave the league power to add the extra game. And the NFL did not wait around to add the 17th game. They did it today.

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara probably summed up most players' feelings with four simple words.

"Shit dumb... as hell.."

There are probably two main concerns for the players. First, health. Football is dangerous. More football is more dangerous. They got an extra game and didn't even get an extra bye week. This is just more wear and tear.

Worse than that is the fact that every single NFL player is now making less per game than they were when they signed their latest contract. The silver lining could be that the NFL signed lucrative new television deals and now players should get raises. But what about players like Kamara who got locked up last year? They will have to wait.

Expect an 18 game season to be on the table when they negotiate the next CBA or maybe sooner. Because what sense does it make to play an uneven number of home and away games? By then almost none of the players upset by adding the 17th game will even still be in the league.