Alleged Audio of DeMarcus Cousins Telling Ex-Girlfriend He'd Put 'Bullet in [Her] F*cking Head'

Bobby Burack

TMZ Sports has obtained documents and the police report that DeMarcus Cousins’ ex-girlfriend, Christy West, filed alleging Cousins threatened to kill her on August 23. The audio West recorded, that she played for court officials, hears a man – allegedly Cousins – saying he will “put a “f*cking bullet in [her] head” if she didn’t let their 7-year-old son come to his wedding. This event occurred the day before Cousins married Morgan Lang in Atlanta. Their son was not in attendance at the wedding.

The report added more disturbing details: “Christy has since filed court docs in Alabama seeking a restraining order against Cousins claiming he ALSO told her that he was going to kill her, “even if he didn’t have to get his hands dirty doing it.”As well as: “In the court docs, Christy also claims Cousins had choked her during a previous incident — but she didn’t provide any specific details.”Obviously, there is a lot to unfold here and confirming that the audio recorded was, in fact, Cousins is where it begins.

Cousins has not responded to TMZ, who reached out directly for comment.

UPDATE: The NBA has released the following statement on Cousins’ situation.