Here's CNN's 'New Day' Tribute to Alisyn Camerota

Kyle Koster
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Alisyn Camerota's six-year run on CNN's New Day came to a close this morning, as did the morning tradition of texting John Berman so he could pick out the appropriate tie from his expansive collection. That's a lot of mornings to wake up and do the news, which has been largely depressing over the stretch, though the show found a way to strike the appropriate balance between informing, enraging, and entertaining.

New Day sent her off with a retrospective of her time on-air and some of the clips feel as though they are from an entirely different world. So much has changed in six years. It's wild.

Camerota is moving to afternoons as part of a CNN shakeup that will pair Brianna Keilar with Berman at daybreak.