Alexi Lalas and Geoff Cameron Had a Brief Twitter Fight

By Mike Cardillo

Alexi Lalas and Fox’s Rob Stone, like many in American soccer community, began Saturday wondering what if the United States was playing Argentina today instead of Belgium. The analysts and former ESPN co-workers started to speculate on the potential USMNT starting lineup. Geoff Cameron’s place in Lalas’ lineup was questionable at either right back, center back or defensive midfield.

Cameron was following the (fairly innocuous) conversation and took a swipe at Lalas’ soccer acumen.

Lalas, who has a fairly affable and self-deprecating style on Twitter, responded with a joke and refrained for pointing out Cameron’s misuse of “your” and “you’re.”

Moral of the story here? The United States isn’t playing Argentina today in Brasilia, so it’s not worth starting any Twitter fights.

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