Alex Trebek Got Choked Up During 'Jeopardy'

Ryan Phillips
Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Alex Trebek is usually unflappable, but his coolness was put to the test during Monday's episode of Jeopardy. During Final Jeopardy one of the contestants' used his answer to let the long-time host know he was loved. Trebek's reaction will stay with us for a while.

Check it out:

Damn. Seeing Alex Trebek choke up during an episode of Jeopardy hit me right in the heart, man.

If you're not aware, the 79-year-old Trebek has been battling stage IV pancreatic cancer for months. In September he announced he was set to undergo another round of chemotherapy, but has vowed to continue to work as long as he can.

Here's hoping he's around for years.