Therapy Bunny at Giants - Marlins Game Leads Quite the Life Away from the Ballpark

Stephen Douglas
Alex the rabbit at a Giants game.
Alex the rabbit at a Giants game. /

The San Francisco Giants beat the Miami Marlins on Thursday night. During the second inning the broadcast found a couple that had brought a large rabbit to the ballpark.

Since it was not Bring Your Own Bunny to the ballpark night, it was obviously some sort of support animal. This was confirmed by Amy Gutierrez.

Alex is a Flemish giant with an Instagram page and Reddit account. In addition to going to a Giants game, he has been kayaking this week. He dressed up for Easter. He's been tubing. He has been to Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas this year. He hangs out on Rodeo Drive. He eats off the table on Rodeo Drive. In fact, he goes to lots of restaurants where he sits at or on the table. It certainly seems like an opulent life for a rabbit.

Now, I don't want to be that guy, so I won't be that guy. I'll just point out that it seems like a bit of an opulent lifestyle for a rabbit and leave it at that. In fact, I refuse to see this as anything other than a loving pet owner and an adorable pet.