Alex Smith's Wife, Children and Fans Felt Mixed Emotions As He Entered His First Game Since Injury

Stephen Douglas
Alex Smith's family watches his NFL comeback.
Alex Smith's family watches his NFL comeback. /

Alex Smith has completed his comeback. Smith entered Sunday's Los Angeles Rams - Washington Football Team game late in the second quarter after Kyle Allen was knocked out of the game and sent to the locker room. Smith took over and got a standing ovation from his family.

Smith's family pretty much exhibited the emotions of all NFL fans during Smith's first drive since November 2018. They were probably happy to see him back and proud of his accomplishment but also terrified that something might go wrong.

Smith completed his first pass. Then he scrambled and threw an incompletion. And finally, he took a sack from Aaron Donald. It was a prototypical 2020 Washington Football Team drive. Smith would finish the half completing five of six passes for 35 yards with Washington kicking a field goal at the end of the half.

Whatever happens from here, congratulations on the comeback. Hopefully he can stay healthy for himself, his family, and his team, who might be down to zero backup quarterbacks in uniform this afternoon.