Alex Rodrirguez Suggests MLB Act Like the Kardashians and Open the Floodgates of Access

Stephen Douglas
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Major League Baseball does not have the same cultural relevance that it once did. These days football is king and basketball is cool. Baseball, with its aging audience, is there, but in a shortened season following contentious negotiations, what can it do to win back some of the capital it once held with general sports fans? Alex Rodriguez went on First Take today and suggested MLB learn from the Kardashians.

"The Kardashians have taught us that more is more. Less is not more. Not in 2020. Not in the future."

A-Rod thinks MLB needs to close what the NBA and NFL have done and embrace... everything. Rodriguez suggests opening the floodgates of access, which is probably a smart idea since baseball has several well-paid stars that have no real public profile outside baseball fans. Maybe MLB could use an owner with that kind of attitude. Just sayin'.