Alex Rodriguez Uses Very Odd Analogy While Explaining Swing Mechanics During KayRod Cast

Alex Rodriguez on the KayRod Cast
Alex Rodriguez on the KayRod Cast /

Alex Rodriguez and Michael Kay were in the studio last night for the latest edition of their KayRod alternate cast during ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball matchup featuring the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. The duo hasn't had the same impact as the ManningCast but that was always a bit of a tall ask anyway. In reality viewers are happy to just glean any inside-baseball tidbits from two minds who have been obssessed with the game for decades and decades.

Sometimes the broadcast does a decent job of setting the stage for them to do just that. Rodriguez was given the floor last night to break down swing mechanics, a segment that has the potential to be very interesting for those who love the minutiae. A-Rod then ruined everything by using a bizarre analogy about punching a "little person" to demonstrate where one's hands are supposed to go during the swing.

It's just dumb. A-Rod isn't gonna get canceled or whatever but there are thousands of different ways to describe that motion without saying that and he did it anyway.

He is probably saying it the way it was said to him by a hitting coach all those years ago but you gotta change the locker room talk for TV, man. Just a little.