Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Raising Money to Buy the New York Mets

J-Lo and A-Rod at the SAG awards.
J-Lo and A-Rod at the SAG awards. / Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have retained JPMorgan Chase to raise capital in an attempt to purchase the New York Mets, according to Variety. A-Rod's interest was first reported in February. While A-Rod doesn't have team owner money on his own, it was pretty clear that teamed with J-Lo, they would be able to put together an offer. The couple is now apparently taking the required steps towards just that.

The Wilpon family was close to selling 80% of the franchise to hedge fund manager Steve Cohen earlier this year, but he walked away when he found out the Wilpon family would stay in charge for five more years. If and when A-Rod and J-Lo have put together enough money, they will probably have to discuss that term.