Alex Rodriguez Doesn't See This Video Game-Playing Generation Outliving Their Parents

Bobby Burack

Word is that this is the first generation that is going to die before their parents do. That is according to life expectancy expert and former superstar Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez explained his statement during a broadcast of the Pirates-Cubs Little League Classic game below:

Those lazy kids…

Rodriguez blames the video games for this reasoning because kids are now choosing them over physical sports. The physical sports that Rodriguez’ generation played, of course. Not to say he didn’t play a little Atari, but when you spend four or five hours playing outside, you get a pass and can do that stuff.

What makes this statement talking about the dangers of eSports even more bizarre is that it’s coming from an eSports investor. That’s right, in 2016, Rodriguez got involved in the eSports business. Talk about promotion for the genre.

Time is ticking, kids!