Alex Leatherwood Really Hates Cats, Calls Them 'Demons'

Alabama v Mississippi
Alabama v Mississippi / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Alex Leatherwood does not like cats. That's the biggest piece of information to come out of the 2021 NFL Draft news cycle today. The Alabama offensive lineman was being interviewed by NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano on Monday when he revealed his preference for dogs because cats "are demons."

Siciliano was asking Leatherwood about the odd questions teams had asked him during the pre-draft process, and he revealed one team asked him if he was a dog person or a cat person. He answered that he was clearly a dog person but then expounded on his choice.

Siciliano apparently also hates cats. So felines were catching some crazy shrapnel on NFL Network today. Obviously this was a light-hearted conversation but you could feel both guys definitely had strong feelings on this subject.

We know one coach who probably likes what he heard during this interview...

It's worth noting, "Who likes cats? Those are demons" sounds like the title of a Netflix true crime doc about a cult that sacrifices kittens.

Leatherwood was a two-time national champion at Alabama (2017, 2020), a two-time first-team All-SEC pick (2019, 2020), he won the Outland Trophy in 2020 along with being named a unanimous All-American. So yeah, he had a pretty damn good collegiate career. He's expected to be selected during the first two rounds of the 2021 draft.