Aleksej Pokuševski Made the Coolest Finger Roll in G League History (UPDATE)

Stephen Douglas
Aleksej Pokusevski
Aleksej Pokusevski /

Aleksej Pokuševski was the 17th overall pick in 2020 NBA Draft. Selected just outside the lottery by the Oklahoma City Thunder, he's struggled in his rookie season. Having just turned in 19 in December, Pokuševski has shot just 24.7% from the field and 17.9% from three in 17 games this season. That's why he's been sent back down to the G League to work on some stuff. Stuff like this.

That is ridiculous. He went coast-to-coast, picked up his dribble at the three point line, went around his own back, took off from a step inside the free throw line and made a finger roll while getting knocked off balance by a defender. That is absurdly smooth for a 7-foot teenager.

Thank goodness the ball went in. If you try a move like that and miss you look ridiculous. But if you make it, you look awesome.

UPDATE: Later in the game Pokuševski did something even more incredible. During the fourth quarter he was on the bench while a teammate brought the ball up the court. Pokuševski stood in the corner, just out of bounds, and put his arms up like he was open. And teammate Rob Edwards threw him the ball. I have never seen this in my life.

Pokusevski finished the game with 19 points, 10 rebounds and two things you have probably never seen before.