Alec Bohm Spiked His Bat After Umpire's Bad Call Killed Phillies Rally

Minnesota Twins v Philadelphia Phillies
Minnesota Twins v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Minnesota Twins beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 3-0, on Sunday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies had a huge opportunity in the bottom of the seventh when they loaded the bases with just one out for Kyle Scwharber, who popped out to first. Then, with two outs and a full count Alec Brohm took a pitch inside and started to head to first before he got punched out by umpire Adam MacKay.

Brohm immediately spiked his bat, but somehow didn't earn an auto-ejection. Instead, MacKay let him go on for a few seconds before he tossed him. Instead of cutting the lead to 2-1, the Phillies inning was over. MacKay then rang up Bryce Harper on another borderline call in the 8th and gave Harper a tone of latitude to complain, but tossed manager Rob Thompson.

The thing is, MacKay only missed three calls all game and the Harper strikeout wasn't one of them. Overall, he called 141 of 144 taken pitches correctly, which is pretty damn good. It just so happened that MacKay missed three calls and still had to eject two people for aruging.

Whatever happened to people appreciating a pretty good job!?