Alcides Escobar Takes Pickoff Throw to the Junk, Somehow Stays in Game

Alcides Escobar takes pickoff throw to the cup
Alcides Escobar takes pickoff throw to the cup /

Alcides Escobar is far stronger than I am.

On Thursday night, Escobar was on first base after singling in the top of the fourth inning as his Washington nationals took on the Pittsburgh Pirates. As he stepped off the base to get a lead, Pirates pitcher J.T. Brubaker fired the ball over on a pickoff move. Brubaker's throw was off target and first baseman Yoshi Tsutsugo missed it. Unfortunately, Escobar's cup made the catch.

Check this out and cringe along with the rest of us:

Yeesh, right in the plums. Escobar got back to the bag, then dropped like a sniper got him. I don't know how he stayed in the game. He's tough, he's a Major League Baseball player.

Frankly, Tsutsugo made a weak effort going after that ball, he has to do better for the sake of his fellow man. Come on bro, you have to help a guy out, even if he's on the other team.