Albert Haynesworth Doesn't "Even Like Black Girls"

By Jason McIntyre

Albert Haynesworth’s sexual abuse case took a surprising turn this afternoon when court documents revealed the nose tackle’s response to a waitresses’ claim he fondled her breast at a bar in mid-February. The waitress claims Haynesworth tried to swipe his credit card in her cleavage, then copped a feel.

Then, a security guard approached Haynesworth. He responded:

"“I didn’t touch her,” Haynesworth responded, according to the document, adding that he doesn’t “even like black girls.”"

Then the police tried to interview Haynesworth about the incident. This is what he told them, according to court papers:

"“I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me.”"

Somewhere, Daniel Snyder is wondering why he gave this delinquent $100 million, including $41 million guaranteed. And the next time Vinny Cerrato is up for any front office job, the first question absolutely needs to be, “so … Haynesworth?” In 20 games in Washington (out of a possible 32), the big waste of space has just seven sacks and hasn’t forced a fumble. The year before he arrived in Washington – playing for a contract in Tennessee – he had 8.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles in 14 games.