Albert Breer says Bill O'Brien 'might be the #1 guy" if Bill Belichick Leaves the Patriots

By Jason Lisk

Albert Breer was on a FanCred live sports talk show with Michael Felger and “J-Stew” (Felger & Massarotti producer James Stewart). Engaging in some hypotheticals, Breer responded to a question about where the New England Patriots would go if Bill Belichick left, and both Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia took jobs elsewhere. Breer’s response suggested that he doesn’t think it matters who else is there when/if Belichick leaves, and the top target would be Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien.

"Breer: Let me tell you this: I think this guy might be the #1 guy no less, is Bill O’Brien in Houston. And so, let me just put it this way, I don’t think … I think this has been communicated to O’Brien. [cross talk from Felger] Breer: I just feel like O’Brien knows what the quarterback thinks of him, he knows what the owner here thinks of him, and I believe he is viewed as a guy who is the ideal replacement for Bill if they had their choice."

Breer seemed to double back on his “I think this has been communicated to O’Brien” statement by then suggesting by actions and just knowing how Brady and others think of him were why O’Brien is the guy.

Belichick’s contract status has always been akin to a state secret. The trio also pointed out that the last we heard about Belichick’s coaching contract was 2013, and the standard NFL coaching contract is five years. Now, we don’t know how long Belichick’s last signed extension was to last, but given the amount of time, don’t expect the smoke coming from New England about the relationship between Belichick, Robert Kraft, and Tom Brady to subside this offseason.