Alabama Student Government Association: Protesting Donald Trump Could Cost You

Kyle Koster
Arkansas v Alabama
Arkansas v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

President Donald Trump is attending Saturday's LSU-Alabama game in Tuscaloosa in his ongoing attempt to get a rousing standing ovation at a sporting event. And he might get it. The university's Student Government Association has taken upon itself to help, sending a letter to students warning that any one thinking of protesting the president at the football contest will face swift and severe retribution.

The left-wing political correctness on college campuses is truly out of control. Everyone knows that the place one goes for decorum and peak etiquette is the student section of an SEC football game.

Here's the thing. On a very base level, most people would agree that, given their druthers, not having a side show at the biggest regular season game on the docket would be nice. That wish probably went out the window the moment Trump announced plans to attend. His presence is already going to turn security and entrance into an absolute mess, as would any president's. His polarizing nature also invariably carries with it the reality of heightened tensions and the likelihood of discontent wherever he goes.

Perhaps the most important element to all of this is what the removal from the rest of the season really entails. The Crimson Tide's only remaining game is against Western Carolina -- hardly a must-attend game.

Being the keen observer of human nature that I am, I can't help but wonder if such a pre-emptive and heavy-handed attempt at squashing political dissent will have the exact opposite effect of what is intended. It's easy to imagine those wishing to make a statement will want to make it even more in light of this letter.

Anyway, Saturday is going to be a circus.

UPDATE: Turns out this was all a classic mixup. Not political at all, apparently.