Alabama Meaninglessly Offers Scholarship To 8th Grader

By Tully Corcoran

Jesus Machado is an 8th grader from Florida to whom Alabama and other top football schools have offered football scholarships, according to ESPN. Machado is so good he’s already playing on the varsity, even though he’s not even in high school, and his receipt of these oral scholarship offers has rung all the usual bells about what a crazy world we live in.

But here’s the deal: It’s meaningless.

Scholarship offers don’t mean anything. Nobody has to actually give Jesus Machado a scholarship until he signs a National Letter of Intent, which would happen in 2020. Until signing day, scholarship offers are only theoretical. They are vapor. Scholarships offers are like when you tell a coworker you totally want to hang out sometime.

It pays in recruiting to “get in on a kid early,” and that’s all this is. Alabama has made no actual commitment to Jesus Machado, and neither has any other school.

Machado does seem to be pretty good, however.