His Majesty Dylan Moses Will Announce NFL Draft Decision In a Few Weeks, Trust Protector of Royal Crown Reports

Kyle Koster
His Majesty Dylan Moses
His Majesty Dylan Moses / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses earlier this week he'd be returning to the Crimson Tide in 2020. But that's not official official, per a bizarre release written on legal letterhead and shared on his father's Instagram page.

Enhanced, for the benefit of those with less-than-stellar vision already perplexed by the content.

Moses was unable to play this year after injuring himself in practice before the season opener against Duke. I'm not a lawyer like Mr. Moses, so it's a bit unclear to me what the loss of value claim and proper protections from Nick Saban really means.

I do know that it's quite unusual to refer to one's son as the "Royal Crown" and "his majesty." Definitely not judging, that's just a new one. Especially on such fancy stationary.

A final decision is promised on Jan. 20, so we will have resolution. And by "we" I obviously mean like the royal We.