Al Roker is Getting Pummeled by Waves Reporting Live From Hurricane Ida

Al Roker is somewhere in New Orleans getting rocked by waves.
Al Roker is somewhere in New Orleans getting rocked by waves. /

As Hurricane Ida barrels toward New Orleans and picks up strength along the way, most people are trying to get as far away from the impending disaster as possible.

Not Al Roker.

The longtime weatherman headed straight to the epicenter of the storm to make sure viewers got a firsthand look at the category 4 hurricane and what it was doing along the banks of Lousiana. Based on his report, things are deteriorating quickly.

Roker appeared on multiple NBC broadcasts this morning describing the scene unfolding around him. 150-mile-per-hour winds. Storm surges upwards of 15-16 feet. 20 inches of rain expected in total. A "15-mile wide F3 tornado," as Roker described it.

Send thoughts and prayers to those who weren't able to make it out.

Roker has been doing this for over three decades, so while many people might be concerned for the 67-year-old, this is when he's in his element -- reporting news from a dangerous storm in hopes of informing the public about the crisis the people in this areas face.

That's what journalism is all about. That's what we need more of -- selfless, fact-based reporting in an effort to inform. Thank you Al and good luck.