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Akil Baddoo: One Pitch, One Swing, One Homer, One Bat Flip, Two Happy Parents

By Stephen Douglas
Apr 4, 2021, 3:17 PM EDT
Akil Baddoo's first career home run came on the first pitch he ever saw.

Akil Baddoo had such a good Spring Training that the Detroit Tigers had no choice but to put them on their Opening Day roster. With Miguel Cabrera suffering from cramps, Baddoo made his MLB debut on Sunday afternoon. And you know what Baddoo did on the first pitch? Hit it over the fence.

What an awesome moment. Those fans going crazy in the stands were his parents. Baddoo, 22, hadn't played in an official game since he was on the Twins high single-A team in 2019. He had Tommy John surgery in May 2019 and the Tigers selected him iin the Rule 5 draft last year.

What an incredible way to start his career. And he had clearly practiced that celebration. From the little bat flip to the nods to the crowd. Seems like the kind of stuff that will be fun to watch for years. Not a flex to be seen.