Incredible Picture of AJ Pollock Robbing Manny Machado's Home Run Bid


The Los Angeles Dodgers continued to make life miserable for aspiring rival San Diego by cruising to a 5-2 victory on Tuesday night on the strength of a combined three-hitter anchored by Julio Urias. AJ Pollock collected two RBI and also took two runs away by robbing Manny Machado of a home run.

After the game, Pollock revealed that the grab came as a result of learning from past mistakes. Four days ago, he tried to make a similar play but was unable to get the necessary elevation because he got too close to the wall on his jump. Pays to pay attention out there.

The Dodgers have now won 14 of their last 16 contests while the Padres have dropped eight of their last 10 and are now on the outside looking in at the National League Wild Card spots. Those featured in the Renaissance painting-inspired still at the top of this blog post will have something to hang in their dining rooms as a conversation starter.