Beer Is No Match for A.J. Minter at Braves' Parade

Kyle Koster
Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Atlanta Braves are celebrating their first World Series since 1995 with the good people of a long-suffering sports city today, and the vibes are reportedly incredible. A quick, efficient pace is being established around the city and plenty of cold ones are within arm's reach for an overachieving roster that ripped through the postseason without blinking. Unless A.J. Minter has too much to say about it. Then there may not be plenty to go around.

The workhorse lefthander has been putting on a show thus far, ripping through light beer with the same ease he went through opponents' 4-6 hitters.

Scholars maintain there is no better buzz than a victory parade buzz. And that the hangovers the next day don't count.