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Michigan's AJ Henning Does an Elite Gus Johnson Impression

Kyle Koster
Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

Michigan wide receiver AJ Henning caught the ball nine times and carried it nine times during the Wolverines' incredible run to the College Football Playoff. The high point came on a 14-yard end around into the end zone against hated Ohio State. He also scampered in from 79 yards on a trick kickoff return against Maryland. Though not the focal point of the the offense, it won't be a shock if he gets loose for a big play or two against Georgia. With the semifinal games set to be broadcast by ESPN, Gus Johnson was not considered for the role of play-by-play announcer. And really, it'd be weird if he was — a major sports media story for those who care to dissect.

So Henning's impression of the Fox Sports' voice will have to do. Here he is breaking it out during a beach day for Michigan. Feel free to set your expectations high because this is a solid nine out of 10.

Brilliant work. If I were a high-performance athlete I'd definitely work on my impressions of the sport's top play-by-play announcers to break out internally whenever the ball was in my hands. Why let those watching from home have all the fun?