AJ Green Completely Screws Joe Burrow On Interception

AJ Green ball watches.
AJ Green ball watches. / CBS

Joe Burrow is facing a big challenge today as he's playing division-bully Baltimore for the first time. Burrow got no help from AJ Green as he threw an interception late in the first quarter. In real-time, it just looked like a bad throw under pressure. But if you watch Green, he stopped running and made zero effort towards the ball.

Maybe even worse is Green's "effort" to tackle Marcus Peters on the return. He literally runs away from him.

This is a guy happy to collect a very sizable paycheck every week while doing nothing to earn it. Still just - or already - 32 years old, maybe Green just doesn't have much left in the tank. It's not like he's suddenly losing for the first time. The Bengals haven't made the playoffs since 2015.