Slow Mo Angle of AJ Brown's One-Handed Touchdown is Even More Insane

Stephen Douglas
AJ Brown with a great one handed catch.
AJ Brown with a great one handed catch. /

Ryan Tannehill and AJ Brown connected for a 37-yard touchdown pass on a flea flicker in the first quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was a beautiful throw by Tannehill, but an even more incredible catch by Brown, who only had the use of one arm because a defensive back was holding the other one. So Brown simply put up his right hand, juggled it once, and brought it in with one hand. Just watch him pull it in in slow motion.

And here it is at full speed.

Being on the same offense as Derrick Henry, Brown probably doesn't get enough credit for being an absolute physical freak. Only listed at 6'0", 226 pounds, Brown somehow still looks bigger than almost anyone else on the field. When you combine it with plays like this, that's just not fair either.