Aussie Rules Football Teams Disregard Social Distancing to Brawl in Empty Stadium

AFL brawl
AFL brawl / Michael Willson/AFL Photos/Getty Images

Here's a brawl between two bitter rivals in the Australian Football League.

The Western Bulldogs and GSW Giants met in an Aussie Rules match on Friday that was marred by violence! Marred, I say! The fight broke out at the end of the third quarter and if you need any explanation as to how seriously the AFL takes on-field fights, know that players paused so someone could attempt a kick and then immediately went back to fighting during the ensuring celebration.

If you're wondering how Australia is hosting a sporting event, it's because they had 18 new reported COVID-19 cases on Thursday. The league is even starting to invite fans back into stadiums in certain cities this weekend. Australia will likely keep its borders closed for the rest of the year and has implemented strict social distancing guidelines. Somebody should probably remind these guys.