AEW Dynamite Tops NXT in Ratings War for Week 2

Bobby Burack
AEW On TNT At New York Comic Con 2019
AEW On TNT At New York Comic Con 2019 / Noam Galai/Getty Images

The second week of wrestling's "Wednesday Night Wars" ended with similar results. AEW's Dynamite pulled in 1.1 million viewers (122k came from truTV). NXT on the USA Network came in behind with 790k.

Both shows are down from last week when AEW recorded 1.4 million viewers and NXT brought in 891k. But that was expected, especially in AEW's case. Of course, they were going to do better their first week. Not only that, last night was a busier television night with two highly-rated baseball playoff games taking place.

Factoring all that in, AEW has to be walking away thrilled with just a slight decline and another victory over NXT. Not only has their product been a ratings success, but it has also showcased some of the best wrestling we have seen in a long time. Even with all the hype SmackDown got last week for its debut on FOX, Dynamite was the better show and likely will be this week, as well. Last night was widely entertaining.

We all know it's early, but there is no denying there is a lot of positive momentum right now in the direction of AEW.