Adrian Wojnarowski Has Earned the Right to Answer His Phone On-Air

Kyle Koster
Adrian Wojnarowski fields a call.
Adrian Wojnarowski fields a call. /

Adrian Wojnarowski is very busy all year 'round, but especially so around the NBA's trade deadline. It is vital that he multitask. If that means taking a phone call while on-air, then so be it. You simply cannot stop a world-class reporter from reporting.

While discussing the newsbreak of the Andre Iguodala trade with Maria Taylor last night, Woj excused himself to learn more information via his cell.

The news never stops. People need those details. And they need them now.

As someone who enjoys nothing more than taking a nice, long break without anyone hassling me, the life of a scoop machine is just wild. Guys like Woj, Shams, and Schefter must be in a constant state of chaos.

Then again, think of all the passionate fans who sleep with their phones when news is expected so they can be rousted from their slumber with bombs. Supply and demand is undefeated.