Adrian Wojnarowski Broke a Small Trade During SportsCenter, Has a Big Day Ahead

Kyle Koster

Like so many CPAs, this is Adrian Wojnarowski's crazy time at work. The NBA trade deadline brings with it many meaningful wheeling and dealings and, absent that, enough bells and whistles on the periphery to sell the event to fans at home as something worthy of blown-out coverage. We love it.

The hard-working and always accessible insider used his ability to have screen time 24-7 to break a transaction while appearing on Scott Van Pelt's SportsCenter late last night. Granted, it was only the Detroit Pistons dealing Delon Wright to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Cory Joseph and two second-round picks but there are no small trades, only small forwards.

As someone whose default action is to get visibly annoyed anytime my phone buzzes, the non-stop action-packed life of a major newsbreaker is harrowing to even consider. It takes a special commitment to be ready to go at a moment's notice and Wojnarowski long ago perfected that, whether he be on-air or off-air. And honestly, he'd probably find a way to produce a Victor Oladipo scoop from a hot air balloon.

This video right here is why I could never personally handle having Woj's phone number. Imagine if you pocket-dialed him or your kid started sending him "dsklfj e;ro43" texts while he was trying to multi-task on national television. A person would never recover from that shame.