Adrian Peterson and New Orleans Saints Agree on 2-Year Deal, Also on How 2-Year Deals Work

Kyle Koster

Adrian Peterson and the New Orleans Saints finalized a two-year deal that will pay the veteran running back $7 million, per’s Ian Rapoport. It will be weird to see the seven-time Pro Bowler in something other than purple and gold.

Peterson has rushed for less than 75 yards in two separate injury-shortened campaigns over the last three years. In the other, he led the NFL with 1,485. That deviation underscores the prevailing opinion that his second act in New Orleans could go very well or very poorly.

On the bright side, both parties seem to have a firm grasp of what the deal they just agreed to means, big picture.

Seems like a positive start. Peterson will play for the team and then the team will pay him money for playing. On paper, it appears to be the perfect plan.