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Adam Vinatieri Announces Retirement on 'Pat McAfee Show'

Liam McKeone
Adam Vinateri
Adam Vinateri / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Adam Vinatieri's illustrious professional football career has come to an end. The 48-year-old announced his official retirement on the Pat McAfee Show Wednesday afternoon.

Another good scoop for McAfee, who has established his show as a go-to source of news in a very short time frame.

Vinatieri is a future Hall of Famer and will be known as the man who helped establish the New England Patriots' dynasty in the early 2000s. He continued to play for over a decade even after spending nine years with the Patriots, joining the Colts in 2006. He will retire as the NFL's all-time leading scorer, with 2,673 points accumulated over his 24-year career.

Vinatieri's final season in uniform back in 2019 with Indy was rather forgettable. But he is one of the most clutch kickers in league history and changed the destiny of many teams over the years. His story is even more remarkable when you remember he started off kicking for the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe, which no longer exists. Vinatieri is by far the most famous alumnus of that program.

Vinatieri didn't play in 2020 and mentioned earlier this week that while he'd like to keep playing, he can't ignore the writing on the wall. Which led us to today and Vinatieri telling his old teammate McAfee that he was done. An incredible career in both length and quality and one we may never see again from a kicker.