Adam Vinatieri's Missed Kicks May Have Cost the Colts Their Chance at the Playoffs

Stephen Douglas
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Adam Vinatieri is washed. The four-time Super Bowl champion kicker is single-footedly ensuring the Indianapolis Colts won't make the playoffs, let alone win the Super Bowl. During a Colts loss to the Titans on Sunday, Vinatieri missed three field goals. The final miss was a blocked kick that was returned for a touchdown in a tie game with 5-minutes remaining.

This is the second time this season that Vinatieri has been a major factor in costing the Colts a game. And it's not like this is just bad timing. He's made just 22-of-28 extra point attempts this season. That's 78.5% and it is dead last in the league. He leads the league with six missed extra point attempts and eight missed field goals.

It's amazing that this has been going on for months now. Not just the missed kicks, but talk about whether he should retire.

Yet, Vinatieri and the Colts seem determined to finish out the season together. The Colts are 6-6 and stuck in third place in the AFC South. If Vinatieri was having a better season, they might be 8-4 and leading the division. But they aren't and both will probably be done after Week 17.