Adam Thielen Sounds Exasperated With Vikings Passing Game

Ryan Glasspiegel
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Vikings put up just six points in one of those games where it felt like the Bears, despite missing their second and third best players in Akiem Hicks and Roquan Smith, had about 15 guys on defense. After the game, Adam Thielen had some pointed words for the passing game:

It should be noted here that this isn't an EVISCERATION of Kirk Cousins, whom Thielen didn't specify by name. However, this could be the precursor of that. Seeing this video, I looked up Cousins' stats expecting them to be dismal. He actually completed 75% of his passes, going 27/36 for 233 yards, but had just 6.5 yards per attempt and missed some deep balls.

The Bears make every quarterback they play look like sludge, but Cousins is making $27.5 million this year and needs to be better. Luckily for the Vikings, they play an underwhelming Giants defense next week, which should be a get-back-on-track game for at least their offense. If it's not, though, we may not be that far from Thielen and Cousins yelling at each other on the sidelines again like they did last season.