Three Adam Thielen Free Agency Destinations

Ryan Phillips
New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages
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Atlanta Falcons

While the Falcons aren't in Super Bowl contention like the other two teams on this list, they could be in a position to offer Thielen a multiyear deal as a mentor for their young roster. Drake London looked like a true No. 1 receiver as a rookie in 2022, and Kyle Pitts has shown elite traits as a tight end. But both players could use some seasoning, and Thielen helped Justin Jefferson's development in Minnesota.

This could be a spot the veteran wideout could unpack his bags and work as an extra coach in the receivers room. Desmond Ridder is currently the quarterback in Atlanta, but the Falcons could decide to snag a quarterback in the draft. They own the No. 8 overall pick and there should be solid options still on the board. If Atlanta does that, its new franchise quarterback will need as many good targets as he can get. Thielen would be a great fit.