Adam Svensson Hit a Hilarious Bunker Shot at the U.S. Open

123rd U.S. Open Championship - Round One
123rd U.S. Open Championship - Round One / Harry How/GettyImages

The U.S. Open is off and running and that's excellent news for everyone who roots for the course because they try to make things as difficult as possible. Early returns from Los Angeles Country Club suggest that it's going to be four full days of watching what slopes can do.

Amateur Michael Brennan showed how they can help by holing out this absurd chip on No. 3 in which he didn't even aim in the general vicinity of the pin, which was pretty awesome.

But what hills give, they also taketh away, as Adam Svensson discovered on this bunker shot he blasted a bit too aggressively. We promise you that where it ended up is not where you expect it to stop rolling.

Excellent stuff.

This is going to be a tournament where we're going to have to have some patience before deciding if a shot is good or will be a disastrous miss.