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Adam Silver: NBA Not Considering Changing NBA Logo to Kobe Bryant

Stephen Douglas
Adam Silver
Adam Silver / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving has been playing some very good basketball since he returned from his unexplained sabbatical. In addition to helping to lead the Nets to win 10-of-11 games, he's also trying to lead the NBA into the future by suggesting they change the logo from Jerry West's silhouette to Kobe Bryants. Yesterday, Adam Silver shot that down, saying there were no discussions about changing the logo.

Hopefully, we don't have to revisit this. Kobe was a great player, but he shouldn't be the logo. The NBA isn't in some situation where they are under some kind of pressure to change their logo. No one is asking for this. They can change the logo someday, if they want, but there is really nothing to talk about. As evident by the fact that they are not talking about it.