Adam Silver Will Be Going In and Out of the Bubble, Apparently

Kyle Koster
69th NBA All-Star Game
69th NBA All-Star Game / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So much of the NBA's plans hinge on strict adherence to social distancing rules and keeping personnel within the de facto bubble set up at Disney World. With that in mind, it's a bit surprising to hear NBA Commissioner Adam Silver say he won't be at the compound the whole time.

Silver and other Disney employees utilizing a "mechanism" that allows them to exit and re-enter the bubble but remain nearly twice the recommended distance from players seems a reasonable plan as long as it's followed closely. Although basketball is played inside, and the fewer wild-cards introduced into the equation, the better.

With all humility and an admission that Silver knows a hell of a lot more about running the NBA than I do, it's interesting to see him say flat-out that his time can be better spent coming and going as he pleases. It's not going to be lost on players that they're quarantined -- essentially locked in place -- to provide entertainment while the executives have more freedom of movement. Just on a personal level that could find its way to the irritation zone.

Oh well, probably fine. Everything will run smoothly and there wont't be any friction. No need to worry.