Adam Schein: Baker Mayfield Is 26th-Best Starting QB, Possibly Worse

Kyle Koster
Justin Berl/GettyImages

Baker Mayfield is in a state of flux right now. His future is uncertain. There is a possibility that another team decides to take a chance on the discontented quarterback and it works out swimmingly. If that team just so happens to be the Detroit Lions, that would be great. What seems more likely, though, is that the rest of the league essentially moves on without him. It's a cold business, after all.

Adam Schein spoke to this possibility on his television show last night, saying Mayfield is clearly no one's priority right now. Which is certainly true. When teams seem more excited to tackle the future with Drew Lock and Davis Mills and Jared Goff, that's a problem. Schein took things a step further and dipped into his own personal ranking book, assigning Mayfield to the back of the field.

"Baker Mayfield, as a quarterback, is not that good. .. I'd rank him between 26 and 32 [of starting quarterbacks]."

Yikes. That means he's open to the idea that Mayfield is 32 of 32.

There wasn't much leverage before the Browns ignored Deshaun Watson's baggage and made him the quarterback of the future. There's even less now.

I'm open to the idea Mayfield can be in the top half of NFL signal-callers when fully healthy. It'd be great for content and Progressive Insurance if he had the chance to prove it. At the same time, it makes sense that few franchises are breaking down the door with offers.