Adam Schefter Doesn't Think Urban Meyer Will Coach Cowboys

Kyle Koster
Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer / Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Urban Meyer-Cleveland Browns rumors have begun. And though no one has a crystal ball on these types of things and the coach has a long history of making surprising decisions, it'd be dangerous to dismiss this speculation out of hand.

Meyer, of course, can't take the Browns job if he takes the Cowboys job, which is also something floating around in the ether. For what it's worth, ESPN's Adam Schefter doesn't believe Meyer will leave America's Pregame Show for America's Team.

Also a bit problematic right now is that Jason Garrett appears to be hanging on to his position. It hardly seems possible that he could keep his post, but Jerry Jones hasn't dismissed him yet. Somehow. Perhaps it has something to do with paying COBRA. Who knows?

The Browns have been nothing but a trainwreck since well before Meyer was even at Bowling Green. There's plenty of evidence to suggest taking a stab at being the savior only ends poorly.

But Meyer is an Ohio guy and bringing the Browns to the promised land would be more impressive than anything he can do in the college game, a unique and challenging possibility.

Stay tuned.