Adam Schefter Reports Ryan Kerrigan Does and Does Not Want a Trade Over Span of Two Paragraphs

Stephen Douglas
Ryan Kerrigan is unhappy. Or happy.
Ryan Kerrigan is unhappy. Or happy. / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Adam Schefter is a man with many sources. That's why he's one of the best in the biz when it comes to breaking NFL news. Today, he used one of those sources to report that Washington Football Team defensive end Ryan Kerrigan had requested a trade, but WFT had no intention to trade him. Via ESPN:

"Washington Football Team defensive end Ryan Kerrigan has requested a trade, but Washington has told teams that it won't deal the star pass-rusher, a source told ESPN."

More discord in Washington? No surprise really in 2020. However, it wasn't long until someone contradicted Schefter's report. Just one sentence actually. Via the same exact story one paragraph later:

"Another source insisted to ESPN on Sunday that Kerrigan has not requested a trade. Multiple people around the NFL believe that Kerrigan values loyalty to the franchise and his family over money."

So, uh, who do we believe? Adam Schfter or Adam Schefter? Who does Schefter believe? This might actually be one of those times you can say, "how is this news?" Shouldn't an editor have asked Schefter to figure out which side of the story is true before going with the one that would generate more traffic?

Plenty of sites quickly picked up the news that the four-time Pro Bowler wanted out of Washington, citing Schefter. WFT has a bye this week and the trade deadline is Tuesday, so we may get our answer to what's really going on soon. Or not.